EX-CHANGE is an annual exhibition and publication celebrating the work of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture from first year to PhD. Inaugurated in 2017, EX-CHANGE represents an ongoing opportunity to shine new light on the SoA’s programs and to position the work within larger questions of research and practice.

EX-CHANGE 2021 Design Team: Leah Wulfman (B.Arch 2016), Studio Elana Schlenker (Elana Schlenker and Nick Sheeran)

Student Team: Anishwar Tirupathur, Claire Xu, Graana Khan, Joanne Chui, Stephanie Guan, Taisei Manheim

Director: Sarah Rafson

EX-CHANGE Committee:

Special thanks to: Meredith Marsh, David Koltas, Diana Martin, Denise Mieszkowski, Caedyn Busche, Bob Armitage, Bob Kollar, Kellie Hames, Conveyor Studio, and Nicole D’Angelo. We’d especially like to thank the students and faculty of the School of Architecture for sharing their inspired work.

Thanks to our 2021 sponsors, Desmone Architects and GBBN!